Pissed The **** Off Dont Tell Me Who The **** I Am!!

I want to marry a man. Yes I do. But I'm bisexual. My best friend told me today that because I said this I'm not bi I'm just confused l. I have never been with a girl but I've always wanted to since I was little you could look at all of my other stories on here and see how I would ********** at night with the thought of one of my mothers female friends on my mind. She knows all of this. but she still says that I'm just confused. Like she says that I'm contradicting myself by saying that LGBT people should marry who they want to marry. but I'm a bisexual who can't see herself with a woman for the rest of her life and she wants to marry a man. First of all I'm not saying that I don't want to be with women believe me I do and I want to be with men too like I can be in a relationship with either sex and whichever one I'm with at that point in time is who I'm with There ain't no ********** with the opposite sex no who I'm with_is who I'm with. and second of all just because I want to be with aman when I get married does not mean that I should or will stop advocating LGBT equality and it doesn't make me straight. It makes me me whoever I choose to be. How are you going to tell me that I'm no different from the people protesting the gay marraige because I want. to be with who I choose to be with like that makes no sense. ***** your the one whose no different from the people protesting LGBT rights and being contradictory how can you be my best friend and understand how I'm feeling and being there for me when I come out to my family to this? DON'T TELL ME WHO I AM I advocate being yourself and that is exactly what I choose to do .
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Nov 27, 2012