hay people okay so this week i became really depressed with my sexuality, so i was driving home really mad and angry ad started thinking, i was 11 when sex started to fascinate me , so its like 9 years later and im still attracted to both sexes so its not a phase, i then realized its probably gonna be like this for ever so no use fighting it anymore, ive decided to give and decided to be honest with new people i meet if they asked, im consediring tellign my friends but i would not ever get the courage to tel my dad, he is an extreme homophobe so jae sad, its funny how people see something as being bi as worse then bieng gay(not saying being gay or bi is wrong) any ways its sad, though neing bi to me is different i like guys physically their body tone their hair, but have no desire to have an emotional relationship with them but woman i like more emotionally also sexually but not as much as guys weird huh what do you guys think
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Not weird, you're attracted to what you're attracted to. I used to be bi until 8 years ago, when I for some reason lost my sexual attraction to females. I was first attracted to guys when I was 8, then additionally females (mostly) from 10-14, then was mostly attracted to guys in high school, then both equally from 20-25, then I was gay. I think it is because of all the damn drama females bring. Guys are more relaxed, easier to get along with and relate to, more honest, etc... Everyone is different so don't put pressure on yourself. Relax, be you, and enjoy life, it is short.

Listen welcome to the adult life, one third of men have some kind of relationship with another man, and that,s Okey, when you are with a Dude they really know what to do with you because they have the same equipment, My advised you don't have to say anything to anyone, I enjoy sex with women they could be amazing and I do enjoy sex with men too, and is nobody business. I say you should enjoy life, don't get depress or anyting just enjoy your sexuallity, I do and I am bi for many years. See you and accept that as your sexuallity and is not going to change, I advise you not to become singe sexed person because you loose half of what you are bi is absolutly great. Enjoy