Yes I Am

I am bi and I don't see what the big deal is. I don't even really think twice about it. My husband has known since he met me. He knows I look at other woman and have sexual thoughts. He has accepted me as I am. We have talked about having a ********* "buddy" She would only join us whenever we would like to have her. We have our rules about it but now I am getting off track. I want people to know that there is nothing wrong for being who you are. I have never been ashamed to admit that I am a bisexual woman. 
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I agree with you that it is better to be who you are as a person and have the best chance at being happy than to live an image that you aren't and be miserable because you have to put up a fake image to those around you.

Glad you agree. I have been happy ever since I am myself.:)

So you have never been with a woman since you have been with your man whether you have been married or not? Have you been with many women since you discovered your interest in women or is this a curiousity that you could easily become a true and real part of who you are as a sexual being?

I have never been with a woman at all. However we are trying to find a woman for a *********.