i am 21 and bi. my friends and family does not know this. i dont know why i dont tell them, i have a few gay and lesbian friends. i do like a girl. i havent told her how i feel. she is a lesbian and has a gf :(
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I know how you feel. It is hard to tell people that your not as straight as others might think you are. I have yet to tell anyone IRL. Let me know how it works out for you.

It might not be anytime soon.

Yeah, I can tell you for my part that I will never tell anyone IRL. I once tested telling a girl friend and it went over like the Hindenburg.

I don't see why. You can be friends with a *****, but you can be friends with someone who is bi? lol people are effed in the mind i guess

It is different for men like me I think. It is fissionable to be female and bi or even gay. Well at least in my part of the world (NE USA). The funny part was the girl I was dating at the time was openly BI. But she was disgusted by BI men. :/ I hope that you can express your sexuality openly. I agree that people are very effed.

I look at it this way: who I sleep with is my business and who you sleep with is your

I totally agree. But I always feel like I'm not being honest when I don't tell my girlfriends.

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Well she's a lesbian so she's a good person to come out too. Make sure she knows and wait till she's free.