Being Bi.

I just told my mom that I am Bi and guess what she told me? That she wasn't surprised that I am, because she is Bi. I am relieved that she is not mad and that she accepts me for who I am. =)
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Delightful outcome to a most difficult admission. I am pleased for you and your mom and wish you both all the best in the coming years .

To me it's cool , best of both sides huh
When it feels right do it

thats pretty cool

I too am Bi, my boyfriend's kids know but not my biological kids. One day I'll tell them but right now it's not really an option lol unless they read my facebook page. Then they will know lol. I'm happy for you and your mother. Acceptance feels amazing!! All the best to you.

only one person here seems to have spotted it. moms ok 'cos she is bi too.
the really lucky thing for you si that your mom IS bi.
it does raise the question did anything in your upbringing point u in this direction.
I dont care if both my kids go str8, or gay, so long as they are happy in their own sexuality. if they turn out bi I will be very happy, but no way in H are either of them ever gonna know I'm bi unless they 'come out' to me.
I think you and your mom are very lucky.

That's great!!! I know coming out as LGBT is one of the hardest things being gay myself :)

You are lucky to have an understanding mother

That's amazing!!! Well done. I hope my mum will react like that when I tell her I am gay.

I'm happy for you! You are lucky that she accepted the way you are :D

That's so sweet. You're lucky I wish I had a mom like that

Standing Ovation for You and Your Wonderful Mother!!
Be Happy and Feel VERY Blessed that you HAVE a Mom like HER!
Her Support will mean So Much to you for the Rest of Your Life.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your comments =D

Such a great feeling isnt it, to be accepted? Im happy for your courage

I am glad your mom was accepting of you AND honest about her own sexuality. That is a mother to honor for sure! :-)

Awesomeness :-) :-D


im so happy for you:)

Im.not bi, and thats a littlw weird but thers something that makes you smile a bit and u get all toasty inside because its kind of sweet and o... lively and great that u didnt have to go through what some other do and that u can be happy nd etc. Good luck x : )

awesome. Moms xan surprise you! Telling anyone isn't easy... I knw.

weird and awkward

It's great she accepted you for being bi, that's how a parent should actually be towards their children. Accept them no matter what