Too Young My ***

Yeah so I knew I was bi from an early age I just never knew it wassn't the norm. I mean I had to learn the hard way was bullied a lot. I was called a **** who just wanted to **** everything in sigh. I got bottles thrown at me and so in 7th grade (2 yrs ago) i thought it was time to tell my mother. I had a girlfriiend and I just wanted us to be public you know. But she said I'm too young to be sexual anything. Really? too young I mean please i's not like i'm gonna go sleep yaround and stuff that makes no sense. But I'm too young coming from a woman who thinks it's okay to be pregnet at 16 please too young my ***.
15andhopefull 15andhopefull
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012