Bifemale's Dilemma


It's when you like HER and you like HIM...

It's when you cant identify who should you get jealous with... guys or girls? coz she gets attracted to both sexes.

It's when you get committed and so much in love with her but sometimes you still long for a normal love life.

It's when you don't really know who can really make you happy...her or him?

It's when you love her so much ... and he has the small spot in your eventually realize that "I must be with HIM not with HER" :(

It's when you reach the stage that you are ready to settle down yet you're not sure WHO SHOULD YOU GET MARRIED WITH....

riffraffmonster riffraffmonster
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Than whats the need of keeping this confusion in life... ? whyn't be straight and solve this dilemma .

I was anticipating that someone would ask this kind of question :) hmmmmm