Older Couple

I went out with mates unfortunately for me they all found partners and I was left to find my own way home. As I sat at the bar I started talking to an older couple. One thing led to another and I was back at their place. The wife was great she told hubby to sit and watch as she and I ****** on the bed she was great sucking, ******* and fingering as hubby sat there pulling his ****. Then she suggested that hubby clean my **** by licking it. I was so turned on to have this guy sucking me I reached down and started to stroke him he increased his sucking like no other. Then he was ordered to stop and sit back down. The wife got on all fours and I ****** her doggie style as I was ******* her I felt my *** cheeks spread and hubby was trying to rim my ***. The wife saw and let it happen then she wanted me to **** her hubby. Hubby quickly laid on his back placed a pillow under his *** lifted his legs up high exposing his man *****. I slide my hard **** into him as his wife sat on his face and told him to tongue **** her hard and encouraged me to **** him as hard and as fast as I could. So I did until I could not hold on any longer I pulled out and came over both of them. Hubby had to lick us both clean, I ended up staying the night sleeping between them in the morning I woke to hubby sucking me so I started to finger his wife and before I knew it we were at it again. Why are older people so much more kinkier????
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Older people are not so much kinder, we are just more willing to enjoy that which gives us pleasure. A lot of younger people are too worried about "what will friends and family think of me." As I've gotten older I've become much more focused on what makes me happy.

I think it is true older people know what they like and will do what they like and are very comfortable about it. But every older guy I have been with has a little twist that he either wants me to do or he wants me to do to him. It is amazing the amount of men who love to role play, it really does add an other dimension to love making xxxxxxxxxxxx