Coming Out

My first kiss with the same sex was in the third grade. A lot of people think its innocent since most children don't know anything about bisexuality, but that was only the beginning. Forth grade I knew I liked girls but it was "normal" to like boys; until I met someone like me, Kimberly J. My first "girlfriend" we kept "us" as a secret until I moved. That's when I had to be normal. When I reached high school I noticed that there were so many people like me that didn't hide themselves. I finally could be myself & date girls or boys without being judged. I had finally found me!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

You're lucky! People love to judge and hate those who are "different" in any kind..
I've spoken with my co-workers about gay people and I was shocked by their reaction. They were so agressive and I'm afraid there're sooo many people like them..