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Blah. I Dont Have A Title For It :)

i first realized that i was bisexual at 9 years old. i often caught myself daydreaming about the same sex. i "came out the closet" when i was about 12 years old. and that's when my life changed. my mother ignored me for a long time. my friends left me. and i began to beat myself up for it. i thought no one loved me because of it. i was ashamed. i tried to stop my interest for girls but couldn't. i tried cutting to not focus on it. didnt help btw. and my self-esteem became very low. i went into a severe depression.(still not out of it....yet) and my life was ruined. 

but now i am a proud bisexual and i dont give a **** who doesn't like that about me. i was born this way and yeah it's great! best of both worlds lol. it's not weird im just attracted to both genders that's all. :)
SkinnyJeansAndSnakeBites SkinnyJeansAndSnakeBites 16-17, F 2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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Don't let them bring you down. You should be - and I'm glad you are - proud of who you are. :) You are so brave! I'm bisexual and I haven't told anyone but my best friend and boyfriend - I couldn't ever tell my mom - she thinks its okay to be gay, or straight, but not "in between", so it's really brave and strong of you to be open about it.

Keep your chin up, and if you ever need to talk, message me! :)

You should be proud ! I'm proud to be bisexual! And it will b alright mom still loves you..clearly they wasn't your true friends ....but you a awesome girl who can like who ever she wants without getting judge or anything mean and I know you may not know me and its gonna sound weird cause most people don't get this but I love you! ~huggles~ u can talk to me when ever just message <3

You're weird---I like you :)