I Want Both.

I am a married woman with a girlfriend. I have always thought women were sexy but I never let it go past that. In talks with my husband, he always said he felt like I needed to explore more because I like women more than "normal". Whatever that is. Recently, I decided to check it out and as soon as I started talking to other women, I knew it was something I wanted.

One of the girls I was getting to know ran into some trouble at home. My husband and I agreed to let her stay with us for a while. I wasn't expecting anything from it. Maybe a little, but I knew living together would complicate things and I really didn't want to cross that line.

She's been living with us for a month now, and she and I are in a relationship. I really like her, but I still love my husband. Now I am trying to figure out how to balance the two. In addition, my girlfriend has a boyfriend too. She asked me how I felt about it before she got with him, and I said it was ok. I didn't feel like I could say anything because I have a husband and it's only fair. But it's hard being on the other side and knowing he's touching and kissing her all over. I want her for myself. I know thats not possible because I cannot imagine leaving my husband.

I just want to learn how to love both of them without losing either of them.
mrsbrutus mrsbrutus
Jan 19, 2013