The Day I Came Out To My Mother

Here's my story.... One evening I was in the car with my mom and we were on our way home from my grandmas house. It was very quiet, then all of the sudden she starts asking me personal question like have I ever had sex with my cousin (a guy). I lied and said no, then she asked about my cousin, his girlfriend, and if I like boys. I lied and said no. I asked why and she said "because you told your friend that and you said that only your brother and cousin know." Which was true but I lied and said it was a joke. Then I found out that she invaded my privacy by reading my text messages from my friend. I was pissed, when I got home I freaked out and I took my brother into our room and told him what happened. He said you have to tell her your bi because she knows now. I told him no but he kept saying I had to. So I pulled myself together went into her room with my brother, for support, and I told her. I started crying and she took it fairly well I guess. But I didn't like some of the things she said. We had a very long conversation about it. I did leave out things like if I did anything with my cousin and stuff like that. so I am now out to my mom but I haven't come out to my dad yet. He did ask me if I liked boys because my mom had said something to him about the text messages but I lied to him because I wasn't ready to tell him. To this day he still doesn't know but I have come out to my 3 best friends who are girls who they have accepted me for who I am and we are all still friends.
bren1201 bren1201
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013