Blue Eyes

I've had quite a few crushes, in my 18 years of existence, but there is one that I will always cherish. It happened in the 8th grade. I'm a very shy girl, and at the time quite depressed. I didn't have a lot of friends, until one day, this girl walked over to me. She was a petite girl, with beautiful slightly curly reddish brown hair, soft, feminine features, and the brightest, deepest blue eyes that I had ever seen. She came and sat next to me, and started to talk to me. We became fast friends after that, and I followed her around, trailing after her like a puppy. But I remember one day I had said something that she found particularly amusing, and she hugged me and looked into my eyes, smiling. I remember looking into those warm, loving blue eyes, how every bone in my body melted. I remember in that moment how badly I wanted to kiss her. And then she let me go, and the moment was gone. After 8th grade, I lost touch with her. But now, years later, I found out that she's studying to become a nun. That thought still boggles my mind. xD
AngelEyes827 AngelEyes827
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013