Love Women, But Crave To Suck **** To Completion

I really love being in a sexual relationship with a woman. I really love the taste and feel of a beautiful woman's body...her lips, neck, breasts, and the other more personal regions. I really love them all. I can't get enough. For the last few years, though, my wife, who was my sexually charged soul mate when we started seeing each other, now refuses to have sex of any kind with me. She says she just isn't interested in having sex with anyone...period. She has her right to her opinion, for sure, but at the same time, she is having complete disregard for my feelings and needs. This only fuels a little resentment and causes feelings I have had for a long time to stir. You see, although I love having sex with a woman, I crave knowing what it's like to take another guy's member into my mouth and suck it to completion. I think of it all the time, now. I seem to be getting worse with the intrinsic need to ********** often, sometimes thinking of Male/Female sex and sometimes thinking of Male/Male sex. I am scared to death of someone in my social circle finding out and thinking badly of me. My life would never be the same with my social friends and activities. At the same time, this makes it hard for me to seek out and experience my darkest desires. I am surely tired of ************ by myself thinking of sucking another man, wishing my wife would have sex with me again, or both. Help!
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

You are speaking for so many of us. Sexless marriage, new desire to experiment sexually without messing up your up your social world. I hope you can find a way to balance this .Good luck and hope you can find someway to make this work.Sound like you need to get away for a few days and see what happens

Most of us men are bi sexual I truly believe that. I had one friendship that turned out to be a mutual suck off on occasion thing. It is sad that your wife will not have sex with you. Could there be something medical or psychologically wrong with her>

I think she is in the middle of menopause. I know that is part of the problem. Just the other night, though, I took some Fast-Maxx sinus and cold meds. I didn't think anything about them affecting me sexually. On that night, of all nights, she finally agreed to have sexual relations with me. I couldn't perform at all. Not that she tried much to help out, though. If she can't lay on her back, then it seems there isn't anything going to happen. That, in itself, frustrates the hell out of me, and thus causes problems with Mr. Happy. If it isn't one thing or excuse, it's another. That's why I feel so strongly about trying sex with a man. You know, to see if the excitement of it all will allow me to perform better and experience pleasure again.