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it still confuses me why i love the softness of a lady but still love the look of a guy i knew sometime was odd why i would think of a guy but think of a girl 2 secs later am a bisexual virgin who just wants a little fun but am no cheater so i wait. i love the way a girl looks so nice and there hair is so neat there body is great but ew a fat girl turns me off i dont aliitle over weght i mean like lazy fat work out a little no one feels good fat its bad for you too.

about being bi its like i see a cute lady with blonde hair and blues i think oh shes very cute its normal even girls think oh shes cute wonder how she do it.
i see girls on tv and say whoa. then i see a guy a feel funny and i get this odd heart feeling and i start to bite my lip and think umm he is sweet to my eyes so i like hide my face in slame because its wroung or what am told.

bisexual you like girls and boys its not a illness
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you like it or not , bisexual its absulutly a god damn illness , and its against the nature so im not with that ;)


No its not

hey there

Well howdy

is that a joke


To lifewheel - slow your roll. It's possible - and so what. God reads hearts...

To Derangedjdub - im just talking logically to be a lesbian or a gay for me and for a lot of people its a sick thing =) im sorry ;)

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I have a crush on a woman I know, but I keep thinking I would like to have sex with a man too. Don't know I haven't even been with anyone before.