Bi Older Male

I'm a young bi female and I would love to meet a bi older male
Payton1989 Payton1989
22-25, F
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Im 51 how you doing

Wanna meet please add me;) bi cd male 30 yo

Wish u were closer I'm bi and 45

I'm older, and while not exactly bi, I do love having a young woman watch me do certain things with another man. I also love something else you mention in a different story, to which I'll reply in that place. So, add me to what must be a HUGE list by now, lol. :)

I was wondering why you made the friend request until I read this - why the fascination ?

God would love to talk saw you wanted to use a strap on to **** a man. That would be great want to have all your girlfriends watch

Add me to your list of older naughty men....


Please email me - Thanks!

so, what do you want to do with this bi old guy? add me and lets chat.

pick me pick me... bi male 67 from sioux falls sd subby to fems,

How much older?
Sounds like we could have a lot of fun! :)

Damn! Wish we didn't live so far apart!!! I am 51, almost 52... and love sharing sexual pleasures with a woman and a man together. You ever get out to California?

Would love to meet you young lady. But alas, your 1200 miles away

I share the same desires and am a bi older man. Where are you? I am in Los Angeles.

57yr old mwm and my wife shall never see my bi side unfortunately.

Too bad we're so far apart. I know we could have an incredible time together.

Hi I'm a bi male. Please chat me up!

I'm a bit bi and would love to meet with you and lick a black ****!

As much as i would so dearly love to meet you beautiful lady, i am not bi so that counts me out unfortunately from helping you fulfill that particular fantasy.

Hugs, Fontana