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I am 61, male and married. I do not have sex at home anymore because my wife doesn't like it. I have found a couple of guys that I get together with to relieve the tension in my loins. Been doing that since I was a kid and I still find it the most satisfying sex ever.
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Lucky you. Do you mind sharing more about how you get away doing that? Do you have kids etc. does your wife know or at least guesses what is going on? I'm interested in learning more from your xperiences. Thank you!

I think that almost all men lean toward Bi in middle years... the wife "shuts down" and our urges continue on...PLUS, only a man knows how to suck a man!

Good for you,I am a 57yo married gay man,I am seeking a same aged lover for a possible LT arrangement.

you lucky guy, i`m the same age and the wife has died, but havent found a play buddy