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I'M Tired Of Hiding...

I haven't told my family or friends that I'm bisexual. I'm too scared. I'm afraid that they won't accept me. The other day my mother asked me if I was gay and I simply answered her no. She doesn't accept people of the LGBT community and she told me that she wouldn't accept me if I was gay. So I just continue to tell her lies. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to tell my dad because I'm daddy's little girl. I don't think he would cut me off or anything though. But the person that I will never tell is my grandma. I love her so much that when she hurts I hurt and I protect her in every way possible. I just don't want her to be disappointed with me because her opinion means everything to me. She's my bestfriend, I am cost to her than I am to anyone else on this planet. And I live with her so I don't want to hear that everyday or for the rest of my life. I honestly don't know if my friends would accept me and if they did I wouldn't want they treating me any different. Because I'm the type of person that touches people a lot and I don't want it to be weird between me and my friends especially the girls. I'm really just tired of not being able to be myself and lying to people. I hate having to watch what I say because I'm scared that someone may figure out that I'm bisexual. I just hope that one day that I will be able to be my complete self.
SpongeBobsLady SpongeBobsLady 16-17, F 1 Response Feb 4, 2013

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I know the feeling lived that way for years, I could never tell my parents for all the reasons that you have said and can't tell other family members because of the closed mindedness that they have it's not easy espectially when you can't tell the people that you are around the most the one thing that I do now is if I can't open and honest with ppl from the door I don't befriend them you have to have someone that you can talk to about who you are I became depressed about and now am I getting over it because I have someone that I can talk to.

I'm glad that you are not depressed anymore. I'm trying to find someone that I am able to talk to everything about but I just need someone that I can trust enough to open up. Thank you for the advice. :D