I Need A Lesbian/Bi Friends.

I have a bf but I think I might be a bi. This whole thing is totally new to me. I talked to some of my friends if I might be one but they freaked out. I feel like a stranger around them now. It'd be really great if I could find new friends here.
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2013

I like shortstuffs comment true friends will accept you for who you are inside and out if they make you feel uncomfortable with who you are then you need to judt find new friends go out to different events and meet new people there are people out there who will accept all of you not part of you

I know what you mean at first i didnt like putting my bisexuality out there with my friends.they never judged me, but it was still kinda awakward. so I never really brought it up. but when anyone asked me if I'm bi I always answer honestly (: there's no need to hide who you are, especially not with your friends.a true friend accept you no matter what (:

Same with me, might be bi, interested in girls, but too afraid to put myself out there. I don't date though.