A Twisted Friendship

 I haven't given up on Ashleigh yet. I still want to do so much with her. I havent had much experience with girls and she likes inexperienced girls. It seems like a good match. I just keep hoping that she'll break up with her gf for good. 

Strangely tho, Ashleigh is now my best friend. I think it just sorta happened. Ever since I told her how I felt about her we started hanging out. I guess after hanging out with someone for a long time you get the label "best friend". I think its pretty cool. I've always wanted a best friend, and now I finally have one.

The weird thing is that we both are attracted to each other. And she has a gf so she cant do anything with me. And I dont want to hurt their relationship cuz friends dont do that. Everytime we hangout I think of how I want her to be mine. She is so pretty and probably has the most perfect boobs. I havent seen them yet, but i've seen plenty cleavage. 

Its the most awkward thing to have a crush on your bff. but the reason we became best friends is cuz i told her I like her. Sometimes it hurts alot to know that I cant have her in the way i want. Usually you'd ask your best friend for advice when you like someone, but you cant when you like your best friend. Its such a confusing situation.

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from a mans point of veiw i guess it is reassuring to know that has a bi-you still respect your friends relationship,very often this is not the case with men and womens relationships<br />

I guess, I should also say that I am NOT one of these leering males that think two women together is just for me. On the contrary the few times she has been with another girl after that initial time have been with me not involved hardly at all. I guess I would have to say that I benefit, now, when we are with a couple where the woman is bi. Yes, I find it stimulating and beautiful.

Please forgive me interrupting the female bonding, here, but there are things that need to be discussed other than "this could end badly or this has promise."<br />
If you are bi it means to me that you enjoy both sexes. You only mention her in this story so I wonder if you ARE bi or have completely switched teams. I had to actually trick my wife in a swinging situation to even try it, but once she found it VERY pleasurable she too is interested in younger girls who are either RAGING curious or very inexperienced. If you HAVE switched teams. . . so be it, but what about her. She has a gf, but no bf? Is she a card carrying member of the lesbian society? Do you think you might be leaning that way? I am SO confused and really would like to know and understand.

Good luck that's all I cam say really :)

I am going through the same sort of situation, its good knowing that someone feels the same way especially the last paragraph that describes exactly how i feel right now.<br />
Just keep waiting , and holding on because unlike my situation , it seems like it could happen , it sounds like you have a really good chance.

Please forgive my bluntness, it's not judgment...I just want you to think about a few things.<br />
<br />
First, it sounds like you are confused in general. You have "always wanted" a best friend, but it seems like her gf is HER bff. Also, is it possible that the taboo aspect or going after someone that is not available is what you find exciting? <br />
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I don't see this as ending well. Ashleigh likes "inexperienced" girls. This sends up a red flag for me. Also, what happens after she is with you for a bit...suddenly you are experienced, while she moves on to someone less experienced.<br />
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On the other hand, if she is happily in a committed relationship, why would you want to mess with that?

This could have a happy ending :)

Sounds like she is approachable, though!...Sit down with a coffee and talk to her!<br />
<br />
Maybe a trurh or dare session to break the ice!!