Really That Confusing?

As a bi gendered person I don't really see how bi-sexuality can be that confusing.  We know that many people in the world find the female body highly erotic and attractive.  Also, there are  almost an equal number of people that find the rippled male physique something to be in awe of and something that is sexually appetizing.  Is it that difficult to imagine that those two thoughts, shared by so many people, could possibly be shared in the mind of one person at the same time?  Hardly.  It is clear that most likely those two thoughts are not mutually exclusive at all.  In fact, it would be more remarkable if they were indeed exclusive.  Groupthink and societal conformity have made most people overlook the obvious for the sake of compliance.  Bi-sexuality is natural, normal and more common than acknowledged.  My $0.02.

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I'm bisexual and what I find or more at least found is that I'm sexually attracted to both guys and girls but I don't feel like I'm emotionally attracted to girls in the same way as guys. For me that's where the difficulty lies but I guess everyone is different.

being bi is hard sometimes when straight people don't get it and some gay people don't either makes for a lonely crowd sometimes

wonderful posting i agree it is not complicated at all. I think we as people make it so wonderful posting.

I really shouldn't matter if your sexuality is common or unique. What matters is, Are you comfortable with it? If you are then the next question is are your partners? I have had long relationships with women and short ones with men. I know that in theory, I could have a long relationship with a man but have not met the right man. I have however met several women who fit the bill!
Where we need to work much harder is in fighting against a society which thinks there is something wrong with us.

Me too....i'm married and discovered my enjoyment of the male organ about 5 years

The variety of permutations of sexual orientation and preference equals the number of people alive. We should not, as complex individuals, be pigeonholed. I was amused at the thought that a bisexual person might be 70/30 gay/straight: perhaps I should only like men on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and return to my girl for the rest of the week? Perhaps I can like p3nis every day of the week, but not care for the human it's attached to? Perhaps the bi-police will arrest me if they discover me with my hand down a girl's undies when my quota is exhausted? I love being bisexual - twice the opportunity! Not to say I'm promiscuous, she adds hastily. The ancient Greeks encouraged it. Where has this tolerance gone? Bloody organised religion is to blame. If you're reading this, there's a good possibility that you're either curious or tolerant. If tolerant, I salute you. If curious, I say to you that it isn't necessary to understand why some people play for both teams, but it is vital that every human's right not to be forced to conform ba<x>sed on some arbitrary moral code is respected and encouraged.

You make many good points. But as a male, I hope you can like p3nis on any occasion that I can get mine near your mouth. I would like to tell you about a fantasy I have. I would like to place you in the role of the second girl, maybe after the fantasy, you can tell me if you like the role I picked out for you. OK, so in my fantasy, of coarse I am having sex with a beautiful nice girl, and you are watching and assisting both me and her with the action. Your kissing, touching, caressing us, what ever you want. After a nice ride, I am ready to show my deep appreciation, by making my deposit deep inside the first girl. As I withdraw from her, you go straight to giving her puss* a great licking, giving her a nice org*** and sucking all of my c um out of her into your mouth. With a mouthful of my c um from inside her puss* in your mouth, you climb on top of me, inserting my still stiff shaft inside yourself, and begin riding me while giving me a nice passionate opened mouth french c um kiss, passionately returning a mouthful of my own c um, retrived by you with your mouth, from the other girl's puss*, into my mouth. Your passionate c um kisses to me, would drive me wild, would drive me wild enough to deliver another load of my c um deep within your puss*. As I colapsed with sexual exhaustion, you would move your puss* up off my shaft and onto the first girl's anxiously waiting mouth. So she can lick you good and suck all of my c um from your puss*, before you two girls share sweet c um kisses together....................................................So, I had you lick a girl's used puss* full of c um, I had you passionately giving your mouth full of c um to a male while you rode his shaft. I had a guy c um inside you, then had your c um fill puss* licked by the first girl, ending with sharing c um kisses with her.........................So, are you OK with the fantasy role I gave for you?

I am like you.I find both male and female bodies to be beautiful and sexualy arousing. While I like women as a first preference, I have enjoyed spending time with men, showing them the pleasures that can be had if they are willing and able to open their minds

Could not agree more. An attractive body is just that irrespective of its sex

i totally agree! ive been saying for years that i think a greater majority of women are bi rather than going one way or the other, its just that society still looks down on same sex relationships, so many women dont admit what they really feel. I am bi-curious, meaning i know i like women but have never been with one. I chose to be with my husband many years ago and feel that being with anyone else, (man or woman) would be cheating. he sez he wouldnt mind if i was with a woman but he wants to share and im a jealous lover and want him to myself as well as any woman i might consider being with. Im afraid i just dont share well in that area. :) anyway i would love to talk to you more about, well anything! ;P

Here is a thought for you. You say you are a jealous lover, so you are not cool with seeing him touch another woman. Completely understandable. So put him to the test. Have a male be the first one you two bring into the sexual circle. You don't have to worry about you being jealous as there will be no other female in the picture. You get to explore another male. And you maybe surprized to see how excited and horny your husband is to see you do things, like handle the other guy dic*, or lick the other guy's dic*. You can set the ground rules any way you want. Or if you wanted to go the other way, you wanted to explore a female, you could do it with the rules that hubby only gets to watch you two, he does not join in, he does not get to touch the other female in anyway. I am sure your hubby would still love it, and after the other female left he would be soo all over you like the first time he ever touched you.

I to am a closet bi-sexual I;m 65 and have been bi since age 14,I to feel the percentage of bi people is much greater than the 1% I red on the internet statisic, I have had 3 -1 year ,1 -7yr and 1 -33 yr long term relationships with women ,but have not shared this fact with any of them. Thanks for posting


u r simply great .... thats simple picture of bisexuals ......... women r hot ... men r sexy just like that ....<br />
thanks for sharing

Wow, you said what I have come to realize late in life, wish I had realized I was BI when I was young and had a sexy body!!

You mean you have absolutely no prefernces? I'm just curious. Regardless of personality or how "hot" a person is, men and women are aqually attractive and appealing to bisexuals? Or is it like a 60-40 or 70-30 kind of thing?

liked your comment. i'm sure the % vary all over the board. i'm in the life style and there seems to be more women saying thet're bi but at the same time some only want to be with their husband and another women where some just enjoy being with a women in certain situations. had a gf who thought she was str. but one night at the club she made friends with a couple and the next thing i knew her husband and i found them in an private room more gf eating ***** like a pro. her hubby and i joined in but it was to support what they were doing not make it a true foursum with women being swaped. after 4 straight hrs we all gave up it was 5am . and went home. her comment was although she liked it she liked men better. i understand perfectly. i've sucked a few ***** in group settings and in the moment it was fine. i'd never want to do it just one on one with another guy and not be in a group so go figure where i fit into the definition of bi, LOL.....rubono

There's a lot of truth in your very well expressed story.I'd like to talk further with you.

I am sixty-one and have been bicurious since I was in my late twenties. One of my regrets is that my wife and I have never been able to agree that bisexuality is a "must do" before being done with life. I too believe most of us is somewhat bi including my wife.

how do you feel about roly-poly male physiques LOL