I feel like society makes bisexuality more acceptable for women instead of men and I don't think it's fair? Why do you think this is?
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That is so far from the truth. It's a battlefield out there for all. Stay strong. <3

Different pressures have been put on each gender for reasons of societal assigned roles. Fair? Well, you will (hopefully) come to the realization that nothing in life is fair, equitable or just.

Because woman are seen as sex objects. Men enjoy the thought of two beautiful women together. But most men are uncomfortable with the thought of two men together. Even in today's society women are viewed as less than a man. So for men to be with men its Alost as if they have become the lesser of us and taken on a role of a woman. Its sad. But true.

It's kind of a sad sign for our society but I think you nailed it right on the head.

Thank you sir. I agree. Some things in life only appear to change.

straight guys like bisexual women...

I agree. Being bi is still considered sissy.

andyk3 20 -50

for as long as I can remember man to man has always been like the ultimate taboo lesbians were fine and even ****** was more accepted but I guess something is unpalatable to people about two men being together just the way it is

Hobos tilt because it's an easy joke

Wow auto correct, because it's an easy joke

Because everyone likes women licking ******* but not everyone likes men sucking ****! ;)

Because the same men that sexualize lesbian relationships and fap to two girls will gawk at "faaaaaaags." Because people only want to be okay with homosexuality when it benefits them

Wow I couldn't agree more. That makes a lot of sense !

I understand your view. But I however believe that is only the case with certain personally types despite sexual preferance.

Life isn't fair sometimes, i wonder sometimes how many closeted bi guys are out there, I'm in that position, wanting to find a male friend to play with.

U bi?


Wanna talk to another bi guy