Your words cut through me like a bullet spiraling through my ribcage straight into my heart. The expressions on your face as you spoke are burned into the hemispheres of my brain. You have told me for years that you accept me and I can do no wrong in your eyes. A mouthful of bullshit and two fistfuls of lies. my lips part as I try to scream, my throat too constricted to even let out a yell. How can you love me if you believe ill rot in flames, burning in hell?

Ive felt this dirty and disgusting before. Ive fought these battles and am always on the losing end of this war. Please dont continue to bend me until I break, im fragile right now N ive had all I can take.

I cannot change this part of me, im not out of order or in need of repair. I know love is a battlefield and rarely ever fair. My love knows no difference between boy or girl, black or white. Im tired of this argument, my defenses are up and im done with this ignorant fight.

Into this sexuality I was born, its woven into the layers of my skin. Choose to accept it or watch me run out the door. I refuse to be kicked down into the dirt. Im over this **** and I wont take this anymore.

Self love and acceptance is a hard enough journey without others opinions and ideas of me. I know who I am and refuse to sink. Here, take back your anchor, and just leave me be. Now watch as I discenigrate faster then you can blink.

Written by writingmyrelease
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Hi Writing, you were assertive and articulate in your words. I'm impressed that you stood up for yourself and made clear what your priorities are. If you want to connect at some point I would enjoy that. 'Write' to me.....phil

Thank u so much for the feedback. I am grateful for it. Have a wonderful night n feel free to message me anytime u like.

Hi writing.....Wow ! I am overwhelmed by your emotional intensity. I want to help. I want to reach out and feel your hand on mine. I'm glad you 'won't allow the negative to dominate your life. I am happy to be ready for you to talk. Let me know how I might help. phil

thank u

I am saddened that religious bigotry allows people to hate people they love. I am disgusted when I see a parent or spouse or even best friend reject someone because of who they are. Where is all this love that religions teach I just don't see it. But the hate and venom those I see every day.

Someday I hope sooner than latter it will be ok and normal to everyone else that I'm bi.

I hope your exp with telling people has improved. Mine hasn't so I don't tell people who don't ask. The few that do ask I'm very careful how I answer.

I couldnt agree w u more n I dont talk about my sexuality either... sighs... thanks for reading and please feel free to add me to ur circle

Nice words with means yet so deep to understand


Thanka for reading n the response