I miss having a girlfriend. And I swear the ones online are way better than the ones in real life. I need one. 😕
AGreenDayToRemember AGreenDayToRemember
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There's are alot of catfish out there, and also it's better to love someone in person

I have to ask, how could anyone online be better than someone you can physically connect with?

Cause online you can meet lots of people with awesome personalities. In reality, it's hard to find people near you like that.

I could see that, but online you have to wade through tons and tons of fake people, just like in real life. It's just that online, you can choose to believe someone and never have to actually meet them. From our experience, if you are trying to find an online relationship, try skyping to actually see the person you're talking to.

Oh yeah I know. Thanks

Don't mention it. Just a word of advice. There probably more fakes online than in person.

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