i think cute bi guys are hot ! having a bi boyfriend was fun to me because i really felt like we could be ourselves. i remember when he first told me he liked guys and he was surprised how well i took the news. i do not judge
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I have a few amazing girl friends who I can openly talk too, and wear dresses/makeup around! I just wish I could find a girl who would strap on and let me ride her like she does me ! If she had boobs and had a 8 inch **** id do what ever she wanted ! Literally anything !

I was worried to tell my girlfriend but she took it so well. Its great that there are accepting girls still out there

It is such a turn on for my wife to watch me with another man. Of course when he and I are done I let him and her have their fun.

That's the way it started. I actually invited a buddy to share my wife. I wasn't aware I'd be a traced to a man. She kinda weirded out and left us there alone, two naked horny men in bed, I said what the hell, I leaned over.taking in my mouth and made him ***, it oddly enough tasted good, I then strattled him taking his **** in my ***, the feeling was more than I ever could of expected. I noticed my wife standing in the doorway finger ******* herself to an ******. Once I got my chance to **** his *** I knew then I was bi. I love my wife but I really like sex with men. I like to let men **** her also. I try to include her every time but ive had a couple times without her. I get so ******* horny looking at naked men.

I have a confession. Although I love looking at naked black women I've never got the chance to be with one. I have been with black men. I'd love to meet you and gave you be my first black women. Hell if your boyfriend wanted to join in he is welcome, I know my wife would jump at the chance, I would **** your boyfriends *** so hard while watching my wife lick your *****. I'd *** deep in his ***. I'm getting so horny just thinking about it.