Everyone , Let me be clear.
I'm looking for a Man not a boy , or a Women, not a girl to chat too.
Of you're 18-19 that's fine , if you're 40-50 that's fine.
- I'm also looking for an EP daddy to take care of me =)
- A mommy as well.
- If you're Trans ... That's 100% fine too!
Just be yourself and message me.
Jess00Y Jess00Y
22-25, F
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Short answers inhibit a better sense of what a person is really trying to say to you. Don't you think? I wear diapers full time because I need them. I am a MAN who knows myself. I will never need a "Mommy" figure. I do want to have the responsibility of diapering all those who are close to me such as my soul mate, GF, intimate female friend, and I hope she is just fine with being in diapers herself. Full time that is. Diapers don't stress me out because I've lived as a diaper dependent person for quite a long time and have learned to see diapers as a normal part of living. I am missing a part of life that is devoted to taking care of the " Loves " in my life. I want to become more nurturing or giving of myself and creating an equilibrium of spirits. I have, sort of a Daddy fetish. I want to make the Babies of my household feel safe and secure both as a person dependent on diapers as I am, and happy being an infantile "Little". My ultimate goal is to be part of a family that will never want to be without their diaper on.

would love to chat sometime!

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