Nothing makes me happier than being with a man and a woman. A week ago, I enjoyed being ravaged by a man and his wife. It was intense and I felt alive. Women like me need this to feel whole.
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I appreciate your candor and agree with your life style whole heartedly.

It IS a great sensation!

I think theres a lot we should talk about... Like how you produce a lot of breastmilk.

Did they smash you AND drink your milk at the same time? Cause if so that'd be the hottest ********* EVER!

Oh yeah... 3somes are soooo satisfying!

sounds like you had a pretty wild and fun time add me we can chat I might have something to add to that

I bet you had a wonderful time. I greatly enjoy three somes and understand what you mean by feeling alive. Glad you had lots of fun!

I too agree whole heartedly!!!

has that happened again?

Would you add me? I'd love to talk!

Yes, you are so right. I understand this completely!!

I think being ravaged by a couple is the ultimate sexperience ,whether for a bi man or a bi woman!
Lucky you ericka83.

i was on chat with a woman once and then her husband got on and i said who are you? he said im jill's husband she is being nailed now by my two friends. I said nailed? He said yes they are making love to her. I sounded at the moment so erotic and sexy. I just wanted to share that with you as im bi also.