I am Bi. I have been Bi nearly all of my almost 75 years. I like to chat with people about Bi experiences and other fun things. You who are experienced on EP could help me enjoy the site more. You who are also Bi might enjoy sharing stories and experiences. You who want to spend some time in stimulating conversation may want to add me as your friend.
JeanneBo JeanneBo
70+, F
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ah yes loving is loving

Hi u wanna chat. ?

My wife used to enjoy an occasional romp with a female.

You sound like a lovely person with a wonderful view of life.
Happiness to you!!

if i knew 48 years ago why i must wearing my mom stockings,garter belt,camisole,bra heels ...today ill lbe a woman,,older woman better woman .kissssssss

a couple of new-bie tricks.

1. find someone you like and look at their friends list.
2. post a story or two about yourself that intrigues you.
3. ask before you add people as friends.
4 open your toggle to pm's. (private messages see account settings)

In 2 weeks you'll have a fan club and people as friends who interest you and are interested in you.


Good points. See my "experience" in I'm new to EP for some technical suggestions to help.

That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Hi Jeanne. I'm also Bi, made the discovery before I started high school. Love to share experiences. Please ad me to your friends.

Discovered bi when I was in my thirties. Sitll find it exciting

I'm 67 bye and love to talk to you add me to your circle

Did you freak out when you first realized you were?

No, but I grew up in a nudist home where sex was done freely and openly including same-sex-sex so it wasn't anything for me to be included

Wish i was there