I Dont Know What Went Wrong

Ok well in college I had always considered myself straight but since high school I had known I was attracted to both sexes I just wasnt admitting it.  One day I decided I didnt care anymore and went onto myspace and looked for some guys who were like me.  I met John and we really hit it off online...eventually months later we met face to face.  We hung out and seemed to be dancing around the issue so finally he kissed me, and we continued to make out all night long.  I got a major case of the blue balls but I wasnt going below the belt that fast.  The first kiss was the hardest, I felt like my heart would jump right out of my chest.  But, he took complete control and made me feel more comfortable I was actually shaking a little since I was so scared.  He actually asked if I wanted to stop after he felt my heart beat...it was like I was on speed.  I have never felt the same way since, scared, excited, lost, happy.

We made out a few more times until he just stopped talking to me for no reason.  To this day I dont know what happened to him or what I did wrong.  It left me feeling a little bitter, but thats the way life is I guess

jason4 jason4
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

he might have wanted sex?