....Sad? No!

Maybe some people would say It's a bit "strange" that I never had a problem with my sexuality.
But it is so and not because someone told me, it's "cool".
My parents never talked about that topic and my father is totaly against it. so I had never told him, that I could be bi.
But my mother is very tolerant and she says: "It's your life and your desicion what you want to do and I can't change what you are"
So, for me it's a great feeling :)
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6 Responses Oct 6, 2007

hi i can exactly understand how you feel about the situation and i hope we could express eachother feelings by mails only if you wish? Anyways, this short sweet message really made me feel good :) hope to read you more :)

it's really hard for being a bi. <br />
a friend of mine, instead of supporting me, she kept on mocking me. :(( it's sad but true,

I know but u know what true friends support each other no matter what if she mocked u about it instead of supporting u then she was never a true friend to beging with u desserbe a better friend XD instead of mocking u for it at least u came out clean that must have taken u a lot of courage that she didn't understand or apriciate

probably shock most mum's want thier little girls to grow up marry and give them grandchildren when a daughter tells her mum,its not going to happen then mum reacts but give her time and she'll probly come round.if you need to talk send me a message and will help any way i can

you have a life ahead of you so get to know people and allow your feelings for that person to dictate,don't think of what the outside is its insides that count in end but looks do encourage so have fun

My parents support me. I support me. I've never felt self-hate or rejection because I honestly think that being bi is the best thing to be. I am in both worlds. I am always in both. Best place to be, isn't it.<br />
<br />
And I have experienced it. I know several people who casually say they are bi but yes, I know I'm skeptical of them. They hadn't experienced it and their bisexuality doesn't appear in their lives at all. It is a little like saying they are Christian but they don't worship or pray or believe at all. It is an empty bottle; just a bottle and absolutely nothing more.

have U experianced it or just "think I could be bi" ?.there is a big differents between thinking and doing,