I feel safe enough on here to say it. I live in the south of the US where being bisexual is considered 'immorally wrong' by a lot of people. But how?
How can loving someone, no matter who they are, be immorally wrong?
It doesn't any sense. Love is love. And no one should get in trouble for being in love!

I also hate the perverted guys who think 'Hey! This chick is bi! maybe she'll have a 3 some with me!!' Hell no!! Get over yourselves you pervs!!!!!
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I agree with you

I grew up in Southern Missouri, where it was definitely NOT okay to be a bisexual or a homosexual. And yes, I firmly believe that it is wrong to condemn someone simply because the way they love is different from the way you love. For the most part are community doesn't bother religious, stuck up, straight people. They should not bother us. Love is always love, no matter who you love, and it is not possible for love to be wrong. That's my thought on the matter, at least.

Yeah, it's hard in the South with all the "Christian" conservatives. Yet, some time in the distant future the region will catch up to the rest of the country (and Canada) and stop preaching and start legislating freedom to love who you want. Meanwhile this transplanted Northern living in the South wishes you happiness.

hahahaha i know wright...them guys and their damn fantasies. so you ever had a lesbian experience?

It'll always be this way. I'm too still in the closet and will probably be kicked out by my parents if I ever come out, or worse, they just laughed it off because the idea of it seems ridiculously impossible of even happening.
I'm also Christian and in complete embezzlement as if this feeling I have is a sin.
I'm really amazed by any proud gay women out there who came out and don't give a **** about society.

Yeah. I'm with you. Born and raised in the south. I wouldn't DARE come out of the closet in the circles I'm a part of. Church. yada yada. This is knew to me. But honestly, the people I live with and around would push me so far away that I feel letting myself out of the closet will never even sound attractive.

Honey, I sympathize with you, especially being so young. I'm in my mid-fifties and I am a closet bi-sexual man and a Christian. My church, and most churches still shun even the words homosexual, bi-sexual, gay, and anything else that flies in the face of their "learned" faith. I have no inclination to have sex with you or you and another woman, but if you need to vent or chat privately, please feel free to write me. I have a very good ear and yes, it is safe to say whatever you want in this type of forum.

its all about watching two girls...not necessarily about joing in...

I'm married & he knows I love being with women. He really doesn't like it.He & I rarely have sex which makes my desire for woman worse

I live in Athens GA and my church UU is very welcoming to LGBT people. There are many parts of the South that are more liberal and more open to not str8 than other parts. There are many bigoted people in the Bible Belt but also some more enlightened ones

Yea i love how on ep you can express yourself without anyone knowing. I also like how people on here support you more then reject you. Im a crossdresser so what its something i love to do. No one can hurt me only support me :)

The Bible belt in the USA is aweful... i dont think it should matter what your sexuality is!

I agree 100% and that said fact is that no matter where you are or where you go there will always be a group of people that don't agree with any orenitation other then straight people and it's not fair , or worse you will get the guy that will try and hit on you and you say no I have a girlfriend and right away it's can I join ? No ! Guys need to realize that just cus a girl isn't straight it doesn't mean she is going to sleep with you to or let you watch stop being such pigs ! I just wish we could live in a world where everyone is excepted equally because that is how it should be

Well said!!

Its because for some people it is out of the norm, i was shunned by a pastor as wel l since it wasnt allowed in the bible. To this day, i still love girls and boys, it doesn't matter to me what people say, this is me.

If people (and the government) would stay out of other people's person lives/bodies we would all be a lot happier, no matter gender or orientation.

I know how u feel . They think its not rigth to date ur same gender or both but I mean why do they care its not like its there lives and they have any say in it but its just that this country is too how u say it .... They judge to much when its not even there life but well LIFE IS LIFE and we just have to deal with comes or it brings our way . GOOD LUCK we all need it lol . XD send me a mail when u ever feel like talking

I know its a good country,human rights only seem to count if your morally upstanding and good church goer,anything that falls outside this is a big fat NO NO well glad I don't live thier,I like good old blighty,

Jaja yeah ut lucky lol XD