I'm bi...been it for a long time now... parents don't know.. and really it's best they never find out.. I'm currently in a lifetime-term relationship =] with the most wonderful guy in the world.. but I still find girls attractive
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Never give in My girlfriend who is dating me is very bi she enjoys how open I am to it. I have lived a long life and being worried about whos who isn't part of it. I also enjoy having her in my life so go for your dreams it can work out with whomever just be open to them from the start! No one wants to get divorce because of who you want to be with.

I have been with a woman before and I know what you mean... it's quite an experience

Im bi also and married.(sadly cheated on and getting divorce) there is nothing like having soft skin to touch. Feels so right to me. Would your SO understand? Would you try things for real?