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Figuring Out I'm Bi

over the years, I've wondered more and more what my sexuality actually is.  and over the years I've grown more affectionate to towards my guy friends.  and now I have a small crush on one of them.  therefore, I've accepted the fact that I'm bi.  I've told my parents recently this year the truth-that I'm bi.  it was veryx10 hard to explain to my parents.  my mom surprisingly took it better than I expected her to.  it's been even harder to cope with it.  everyone takes it as a bad thing.  even the church!  I know it's something I can't change, but  now I always feel at least a little bit of guilt.  anyone who wants to give me advice can message me.  it would be greatly appreciated.       ♥  ღ  წ  ♡  ❤  {♥_♥}

xXDarkDesirerXx xXDarkDesirerXx 16-17, M 16 Responses Dec 8, 2009

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Hey. Don't know if your still on here or not. We are BORN this way. I was born gay. Never wanted to be. And DON"T want to be gay either. it's our nature, DNA or whatever. I get the Christian part of it too. I'm Christian and have been since I can remember. Just remember you are unique. There's no one like you. Enjoy your life. Be you. Best of luck

Questions about your sexuality make things confusing and hard, its true. I questioned mine for a really long time. I still do the odd day.

when you fall in love you fall in love with their essence, you fall in love with their karma. you love the comfort zone their presence brings. Your very privileged to have had that experience of being in love, enjoy it love it nuthing elde matters

I say do what makes you happy. you live once right? It's who you are, don't deny that. I'm bi also, its just who i am, i don't care what gender someone is it just matters if they make me happy and i can emotionally connect with them . And you have your reasons, and i respect that, and so should everyone else, you deserve respect.

Good for you at least you had the balls to bring it out to ur parents

It's cool that you were able to tell your mum and dad, that is never easy. Personally, I only started toying with the idea of bisexuality, but however things end up being you just have to accept that it is you and that makes it wonderful :) I don't think you should have to be discreet about it, it's nature; just don't shove it in peoples' faces because that can annoy people

Be proud,being bisexual is something beautiful.We are more apt to love the individual,not for gender but for deeper reasons.You are not alone.

be your self my sister is a lesbo!

i am bi, i recently came out to my parents and friends, i get bullied for it, but at the end of the day its who i am... at the end of the day its also who you are... dont be afraid. celebrate it, for as it is you it is a good thing :)

i applaud you for being truthful to yourself. not many people have the courage to accept the fact that they are either bi or gay. nice job.

i think you shouldnt have to anounce it its just YOUR buissnes no one elses

I'm really glad you decided not to hide a part of your identity from the world. It's their problem if they can't deal with it, not yours. Be proud of who you are!

You have to understand that your whole life there are going to be people to accept you and people who don't. And the church is just the beginning of the obstacles you will face. But as long as its what you want, what you feel, and who you are then thats all that should matter. If someone cares about you they are going to accept it sooner or later, and if they don't then they aren't even worth your time!

....discreet...thats what i grow to hate being "discreet"....why should it matter? i am the same i just like both shouldnt matter, shouldnt even be topic of discussion. i should be able to say it and not be scared of the closest friends and parents and family know...but the rest? they got left out because i am scared...scared of the possiblity of not being their friend just because of the fact i am Bi.... ~weak smile~.....but it all works out in the end will see!<br />
<br />

I agree with Dwight and you should just be discreet.

You shouldn't feel guilty. Sexuality isn't something that you decide. If it was, nobody would be homosexual as it just doesn't make sense genetically. Of course, just because you shouldn't feel guilty doesn't mean that it really works. The thing is that most of the people around you- especially if they're very religious, have something inside them that doesn't agree with non-hetero-sexuality. But that's their own battle. I know my mother isn't against homosexuality, but she still isn't comfortable with it at all and is working to solve that. Don't take it as an offense to you. Take it as you're working on being comfortable with yourself, and the people around you have to work also. The ones who will care enough will try to understand and accept, the other ones you shouldn't get wrinkles over.