Natural For Me

YES, ladies and gentlemen, I am ACTUALLY bi.


not just bi as in "i was drunk" or bi as in "it gets me more attention from guys" or bi as in "all my friends are doing it"; REAL bi. as in "god made me this way, i have always been this way, i will always be this way. i didnt chose it any more than i chose my eye color and i cant change it."


i have been bi since i was born. it has always been a part of me, but i didn't always know what it meant or why i was attracted to both guys and girls. i struggled with being in denial about it for a long time and finally had to admit to myself that i was also attracted to women. for awhile i wondered if i was a lesbian, but that didn't entirely fit either. i can honestly develop feelings for and become attracted to both men and women. i am in a heterosexual relationship but have also dated other women. i wouldnt say it feels the same exactly but the feelings are still equal.

i struggled with this for awhile and i never told my biological parents, although i did tell my adopted parents and my adopted brother. my fiance also knows and is alright with it. as long as i dont cheat on him with members of either sex, he is okay with me being bi and loves me the way i am. which by the way, i wouldnt. i consider cheating to be with any person of either gender that is outside of the relationship you're in, and i'm not the type to be alright with having a boyfriend and a girlfreind or anything like that. to me, its no different than saying its okay to have 2 boyfriends or 2 girlfriends and cheating that way.


i dont believe that there is anything wrong with being bi. i can tell you upfront that i didnt choose to be this way, and that it's not something i can change about myself any more than people can change their genetic makeup. i accept myself the way i am and i believe that God himself made me this way for a reason.

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I agree cheating with anyone bi or not is still cheating. Who wouldn't , but of course there are some that would disagree.