I found out I liked boys when I was four years old, and fell in love with one of my classmates, and the sports teacher. Lately I married and found out women are beautiful, and I love their bodies too.

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I have always liked to think of it as just being "sexual".. I think an open person can respond sexually to anyone. But, of course, it was much easier to live that way when there was tons of good acid floating around!

hey yah girls me too get the best of two worlds and i love it so much i get alot of unexpected things happening to me since i let most of my freinds know i am bi and i got to say their very good

well i am bi. i just got my first girlfriend. and i love looking at her boobs. they get me so horney.

hehehe yes :-) I am glad these are new times when it is not as satanized as when I was younger, and that I can still enjoy it once in a while