Battle of the Sexes

This isn't to offend men. And hopefully none of the men on this site..will choose to flame here or what have you. But I'm sure that men here are just as bias against women. So I probably should have called this group the "I am bias against sexes group". And I also just want to point out that this has nothing to do with the fact that I am also a feminist. some degree. Although if you know anything about feminism you'll know that it has everything to do with the equality of the sexes and that many men are feminists as well...and nothing to do with "male bashing". But this is outside the box of that... this group is about stereotyping....feeling that men are interested in nothing but sex. You know..general stereotypes that I have made about men...and lately it just seems to be a feeling I've been having and can't get rid of. I'm bitter finally! Haha. And I don't mean as a boyfriend neccessarily..I mean in general. Women having problems with men who are friends....fathers..brothers...boyfriends/husbands....etc. This group wasn't meant to whine about guys.....or was it? But it is here if you've ever been bias against men in anyway. If you are and continue to be. I know I do...because I feel its almost hopeless to find a decent man anymore. It feels like anyone around my age....even up until the age of 30 or so don't seem to get it. And I don't mean..know what woman want. That's bullshit. If you've ever seen the movie "The Lake House" I think any woman would **** themselves...the way Keanu Reeves is depicted like such a tool in that movie. All I mean is just general...human kindness. Politeness...consideration. Have a bit of a back bone? I feel like more and more I come across guys that just treat girls like complete and utter trash. Yes, I understand this is a people problem and not a battle of the sexes situation. But hopefully this group may cause some tasteful debates about gender politics.
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It's one thing to realise you have prejudices about a group of people, and I don't see why talking them through civilly should be a problem. It's another thing when people try to justify those prejudices and hide behind "we're just talking about it!" in order to get away with bashing people. <br />
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So no, I'm not gonna flame, but if I think you're being unfair I'm definitely going to tell you :)

Hi Evah and members,This is a great group and great story. Clearly men and women have always lived together, and since our species still exists, there must be some reason for all these conflicts. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured it out...If you are interested in this subject please visit the experience: This group may contain mature content. Please click away if you do not want to see this content. "I Enjoy The Battle Of The Sexes" ( Although it doesn't answer the question, it allows us to enjoy it...Guy

I suppose the standard is true, as males. We think about sex constantly. But its one thing thinking it, and another voicing it outloud (outside of say an anonymous forum for venting).