Oh My Goddess

I saw sooo many cute girls today! It was awesome. But I saw this one girl, who took the cake.

She was the first one who had really caught my eye today, and it took me by surprise. I was in shock. She had this beautiful skin complexion, everything GLOWED off her, as if she were constantly bathed in sunrise.

Her lips were so ******* sexy. I just wanted to bite the **** out of them and suck on her lower lip. She had the perfect face. The kind that, when you looked at it, you reaalllly wanted to know what her "O-face" would look like.

She was wearing dark red lipstick, with denim shorts that perfectly fit her ***. Dark t-shirt and her cute as hell, Nine West purse-backpack on. And to top it all off, black leather, knee high boots.

When she talked, birds sang, when she walked, fire split the earth. Good god she was everything I ever wanted in a woman.
But I was working, so I couldn't hit on her, and even if I could have, I wouldn't of known how to approach this or what to do or even say. That's the one part I hated about it. The same thing happened to me with the second girl who blew my mind that I saw later, when I was off the clock.

Hopefully, I will get better at this. But I know that more and more, I'm wanting a girlfriend. <3
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1 Response May 8, 2012

i had something very similar, would love to share too