I Want A Pretty Playmate...

Maybe I should be ashamed of myself for the thoughts that cross my mind from time to time, but that has not stopped me from thinking them. It has not stopped me from wanting this. I've been bi curious for years now; while I will never stop loving men I can't help but find women intriguing... and sexy. I haven't done much about these feelings; the farthest I've ever been with a woman was one steamy make out session at a new years party. But that was years ago, and the more time that has passed since that moment, the more I can feel my body craving for more.

I want a safe place to unleash these feelings I've always had; let them loose on a woman who understands and wants them too. Not a relationship, but a sexy someone to have fun with on a regular basis; a beautiful woman who is unafraid to explore. I want to make her feel sexy every time she's with me. I want to give her reasons to moan, to curl her toes, to encourage me to do dirty things to her until she sees stars in her head every time she shuts her eyes. I want to savor the feeling of her soft skin and lips, savor the taste of her full breasts in my mouth; slyly kiss my way down to her navel, thigh, other thigh and finally flick my tongue across her **** until she bursts
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18-21, F
May 17, 2012