Ok, I am opening this up for discussion because I really don't know what to do.  In March, my brother brought two of his friends to visit me.  We had a great time and I knew the girl that was his friend because she is from the same small town.  Well we hung out the whole time and she for some reason made a real impression on me.  I love being with her right from the beginning and I arranged for us to be alone one day because I just wanted to explore what that meant.  Well I knew that I was falling for her somewhat.  Well I didn't say anything and they went back home.  I remained in touch and we emailed each other almost every day.  I still didn't tell her how I felt.  Well I had a vacation and went to visit my brother, other family and her.  I spent almost all of my time with her and it was wonderful.  I just couldn't get up the nerve to tell her how I felt because where we were brought up and raised people don't have open minds.  You are a girl then you are to marry a man and have kids.  That's it-end of story.  So now I have left, but I think I need to tell her anyway.  I would hate to lose her as a friend, but I have to tell her.  She lives 2,000 miles away and nothing will happen I am sure, but I have to tell her how I feel.  Do you think I should tell her?

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I think you shouldn't tell her because if it's just a fling, you just lost a good friend. Also, it sounds more like lust and may be short lived. Get in a crowd of people who are opened to exploring so you won't feel as rejected, as you probably would if she did it. Now that she's is committed, maybe you could tell her but don't mention it was her. She may not seem threatened due to the distance, but look forward to it changing your relationship

Thats a tough call, I had something like your situation, except I grew up with this girl, and I actually did tell her how I felt about her....I don't know if this scared her or what, but she enlisted in the army, met a man, got married and has two kids now! LOL! So, i am thinking tell her, just so you get it off your chest, but don't be dissapointed like I was and still am if she rejects your idea.