At the tender young age of fourteen, I discovered that women where just as wonderful as men, and before long, I came to realize I had crushes on women in my past as well as men. This didn't shock me as much as it probably would any other girl my age, but then, I realized that I could like anyone. Transgender and all. I cross dress, I have fetishes but I'm still a virgin. so much for bisexuals being ******.....
Anyway, now at fifteen, I have been cut off from the surrounding world. The only people I'm allowed to speak to live in a different state and I'm stuck in my room with no privacy. I don't go to a physical school, so the only people I'm close to are my family. At this age, I should be dating, not having sex or anything like that, just testing the waters. But I can't I'm afraid that this will nip my growth in the bud. Perhaps I'll fall for my sister, or become asexual.
I would love somebody to talk to about this.
Sirsquishy Sirsquishy
13-15, F
Nov 25, 2012