I have had bisexual fantasies for most of my life. I love woman on woman pics, stories and movies. I get all tingly inside and have the urge to touch myself and satisfy myself. I think it would be awesome to meet someone with the same curiousity and explore each others fantasies together.
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I am wanting to be with a woman and feel her body on mine and I want my face buried in a hot wet *****

a third pillow ?

Shouldn't we at least try these things once? for the experience? But then if you're married or in a relationship.....?

I am too, but for some reason, pics of guys together don't do anything for me.. And seeing guys kiss is a huge turn off, I do fantasize about physical contact with another man, but not a real relationship. I too have the urge to touch myself when I think of these things...
Seems like we are not too different, or according to the experiences I've seen on here, too rare..