My Daughter

my oldest daughter is overweight, i hate the way people look at her sometimes. they cant see the true person she is, they only see her weight, she is beautiful beyond wors, a wonderful n caring girl. if only people would look at inner beauty n not judge others. no matter a persons shape r size its the inner beauty that counts.

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yes it great eating .<br />
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here are a few **** that you should know.<br />
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1. Avoid all items that are full of SODIUM (5% or less on the label)which when it reaches your stomach build up acids that increase the craving to eat more and build bad acids in your large intestine.<br />
<br />
2. the best items to eat are the made to order meals....where you pick the items that are prepared for you right away.<br />
<br />
3. when the chef prepares it, tell him/her....NO SALT...add when you start eating.<br />
<br />
4. eat more fish/chicken/veggie and FRUITS....<br />
<br />
5. drink warm tea after each round<br />
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6. MOST IMPORTANT TELL yourself...the size of your heart is equal to the size of your will a small engine in a big car move...yes for a short while but soon it will I hope you get my approach

I agree with you Destiney. That is how I often feel... I wish people wouldn't judge others simply because of the way they look. I hate getting comments like "you have such a pretty face." Which really translates to: "if only she would lose weight, she'd be a knockout. Just continue to be the loving supportive mother that you are. And always remind her that she's beautiful no matter what size she is... Perhaps if my mother did that, I would probably believe I'm beautiful no matter what size I am. Unfortunately that isn't the case.

A real man not only looks for inner beauty and brains but also appreciates those beautiful curves and rolls.If I were to see her,I'm sure I would notice all her beautiful pounds and find out who she was as a person as well.Hope we talk.<br />

lots of people are pretty superficial and don't look for the real person

That's right. Inner beauty is more important than how much someone weighs.