By The Way, Meet Eleuthra.

Hi. My name is Cooper. You may also know me as Eleuthra. Eleuthra is my girl counter part. I have been struggling with expressing myself completely for 14 years. Now I am 15, and I realize now I am bigendered.

Ever since I was little, I've always been feminine. I would always want to be the wife while playing house, or I would want to be the princess in the fairytale. I even said I wanted to be a girl. But there were also times I wanted to rough house with the boys, but I never liked sports.

I eventually found Theatre, where I was able to express myself freely without the worries of me being th wrong gender. Boys would always make fun of me for being too girly (like crossing my legs when I sat down or being with girls to often), but then girls would pressure me into being more masculine. It made me feel worried, and I felt like I had to please everyone. In theatre, though, all that went away, and it didn't matter if I was a boy or a girl because I was shining either way.

Eventually, I came out as gay to my friends and family. I had no issues with acceptance, and I continue to identify as gay today. This was one step closer to me being completely expressive, because this opened doors for me socially. I am happy being gay, but being flamboyant one day and masculine the next day wasn't enough for me.

Two years later I found the beautiful art of Drag. I guess you could say that drag saved my life. I was offered to play a woman's part in my acting class in drag, and I gladly did so. But there was something special about it.

-- For the first time ever in my life, I actually felt beautiful--

I felt like I could conquer anything. Granted, in reality, I looked like a hot mess, but I will forever remember that day. I was 13 then, and as I got older I explored more into drag. Drag is one of the most magical things that have touched my life. Theatre and Drag. I later realized, the reason why I LOVE doing Drag so much is because I finally get to express myself in a way as a woman, that I wouldn't be able to express as a man.

That's 13 years of my woman conter part waiting within me. I named her Eleuthra.

Today I am very proud to say that I am continuing, and I continue a healthy balance between Cooper and Eleuthra. I'm waiting for Eleuthra to take more of an active role in my life-- like going to school dances or parties... I want to do this because Eleuthra makes me feel beautiful.

Of course, I have my struggles, like my mother not being okay with me doing drag. She doesn't want me to do drag, but I try. I have troubles with letting Eleuthra come out at times. I have only told a couple of people about me being Bigendered, because I know my family won't believe me.

But I am a strong person, who will keep on keeping on. I am confident. I am beautiful. I am lovely. I am worth it. I am Cooper. I am Eleuthra. I am me.
Eleuthra Eleuthra
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Hello and welcome. xo