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I too, recently came across the term "bigendered" on wikipedia. I'm

biologically male but have always felt like i had two personas. On one

side, the side everyone in RL knows, is a rather sensitive and patient

male. And on the other side, there's an impatient tomboy. It's been

really frusterating and confusing up until now. I thought i might have

a multiple personality type disorder or something. I'm so glad I found

others who are in the same boat...

ikaris2323 ikaris2323 18-21 5 Responses Sep 23, 2009

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Being aware of your two sides is accepted as proof that you are not suffering from multiple personality.

Im bigendered and I have MPD o.o Its a weird thing to experience but I just wanted to speak haha sorry I'm new here and do not really know what to do.

Well, I recently came across the term oon wikipedia as well. I definitely relate!!! <br />
So don't worry, like sarahdavids said, its a small boat, but it's afloat!!!

try to breathe and realize people should be friends for the person you are you shouldn't feel like two differnt personas you should realize that is versitility and thats a desirable trait

The versatility point is a good one.

It's a small boat so far, but at least it's afloat.