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How do you say "I love you" in the languages you know other than english?

In my native tongue Maori I can say "Ka tau taku ate mou" - the seat of all my emotions is made peaceful for you...


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I am Afrikaans and "I love you" would be "ek het jou lief".

russian: ya tyebya lyooblyoo<br />
italian: voglio te bene

wonderful jiyuunatori

french: je t'aime<br />
german: ich liebe dich<br />
danish: jeg elsker dig [yay els-ker day]<br />
japanese: aishiteiru [ai-sh-te-ru] / suki [s-ki]<br />
XD enjoy


In Hebrew:<br />
<br />
A man to a woman would say - Ani O'hev O'Tach (אני אוהב אותך) <br />
A woman to a man would say - Ani O'hevet Ot'cha (אני אוהבת אותך<br />
<br />
<br />
I just looked that up. I knew how to say lots of words and phrases but not I Love You! Now I know what to say.

ha ha well spotted geetar39 - was using that obvious hook to catch some fish and then deepen the conversation with some reality and much less contentious subject matter...but well said G39

Definately so, 8FTD. <br />
<br />
The words and the sentiment take my breath away... :)

you're a natural midnightmuse<br />
<br />
here is another you may like<br />
<br />
mei au nga whetu hei putiputi mau<br />
hei tatai atu ki to uma hei tohu mo te aroha mohou<br />
<br />
if I could harvest the stars like flowers<br />
I would adorn your breast with them as a sign of my love for you...<br />
<br />
isn't that just the bees knees...

No need for further interpretation... :)<br />
<br />
The imagery is so very poetic...and beautifully so. Capturing the heart rather than relying solely on engaging the mind :)<br />
<br />

oh - my old people would love sharing the thousands of poetic ways they have of telling someone they love them...<br />
<br />
like this one<br />
<br />
te waka tere o raumati - the summer canoes are quick...<br />
<br />
the imagery of my old people is so poetic - in winter the waters are cold and not good for canoing - in that when you are attempting to have a relationship with someone who is cold to your approaches there is no chance of slipping your canoe in the water - conversely when things are hotting up between spring and summer canoes slide easily into their abundant waters - need I interpret that further???

(smiling) Thanks, 8FTD... <br />
<br />
ps: I absolutely love "the seat of all my emotions is made peaceful for you..." <br />
<br />
So very beautiful.<br />
<br />
~ midnightmusely :))

hhhmmm - great idea - I'll create a story for how to order coffee in languages of the world - excellent midnightmuse...

Can only say I love you , and je t'aime ... :)<br />
<br />
(I could order you a coffee in more languages...?? lol)<br />
<br />
warmest wishes to you, 8FTD :)

Bitte schon mein schatz

So beautiful reset...awesome entry...

natashamarie<br />
<br />
1.Danke! (DAHNK-uh) Thanks! Thank you. (also "No thanks" - See note below) Hear it!<br />
2.Danke schön!* (DAHNK-uh shoon) Thank you! Hear it!<br />
3.Tausend Dank! (TAU-zent DAHNK) A thousand thanks! Thanks very much!<br />
4.Danke vielmals! (DAHNK-uh FEEL-malls) Many thanks!<br />
5.Recht schönen Dank! (RECHT shoon-en DAHNK) Many thanks!<br />
6.Ich danke Ihnen/dir! (eech DAHNK-uh EEH-nun / DEAR) I thank you!<br />
7.Ich bin (Ihnen/dir) sehr dankbar für... (eek bin DAHNK-bar fe-ur) I'm very grateful (to you) for...<br />
8.Haben Sie vielen Dank! (HAH-ben zee FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks!<br />
9.Vielen Dank!** (FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks! Hear it!<br />
10.Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit! (MITT TEEF-er DAHNK-bar-kite) With deep gratitude!

Ich liebe dich

merci beaucou dieknoxx, buono, muy bien...

In spanish you can say "Te amo", italian "Ti amo", french "Je t'aime, je t'adore"

Beautiful - thank you for sharing Wackypunk

In urdu u can say:Mujhay tum say piyar hai'