Put Your Coat On Tom. It's Time To Go........

Leave the building by the front, straight over at the crossroads and 3 minutes walk to the edge of the beige suburban new-build hell I find myself in. Turn left by the river and eventually the path follows the railway line. Perfect. Nothing but the occasional cyclist and dog walker. 3-4 miles later an overpass to send the path to the west bound side of the railway track. This is the place. Easy. The walls on the bridge are over 5ft tall but I could easily scale it.

'One under' is the term used.

The Helensburgh train runs often enough. I can pick a time when the train is quiet to minimize the impact on the unsuspecting public. I feel sorry for the driver. But at least he'll have a reason to get help. More than me.

How did I get here? I'm trying to do the right thing. I've got work, I stay out of peoples way but still made to feel like ****.
Wait a minute! I'm the only one here. Apparently millions of people in my boat in the UK and I'm the only one here? Its a railway bridge. The fall alone would break bones and hitting a train if you time it correctly, is a guaranteed end. If I hit the windscreen, the impact is certain death. Maybe not immediate but in minutes, it'll be over and there is nothing anyone can do about it. However, my plan is to get caught by the wheels. You'd get chewed up. Crushed skull. The momentum from the fall would cause my body to be tossed about like a carrot in a blender. Minimal damage to the train. Little to no visual impact for anyone on the train. Over in seconds. Seems obvious really.
So how come I'm the only one here? The answer is very simple. I'm on my own. Beyond repair. No one gives a ****. Why should they? What would be the benefit of me being 'ok'?
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36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012