Is It Valid? Need Feedback~~

H ey guys, I am a grad student who is trying to create a public campaign to make people understand bipolar syndrome and people who have it better in order to eliminate/fight with the stigma.

I just revised my storyboard and in the stage of needing feedback from who ever have the experience. This story is mainly focusing on making the inner feelings visible so others who don't have it can somehow understand it a bit.
The goal is to make people understand that it's the situation that everybody would suffer too if they were having it. I'll be also working on some advertisements to actually fight the stigma later on, but it would be great to have some feedback on the story and see if I should revise it again.
Here is the link:
Please feel free to have any comment or suggestion.
Any input will be appreciated and I will think about putting constructive feedback to the further development of the campaign.

Thanks for your time and reading this!!!!

Niplus777 Niplus777
26-30, M
Nov 17, 2008