Am I Crazy?

One day Im up the next im down and there is never a middle ground. On my down days i get so anxious that i feel like screaming at the world. And anyone that i can think of to scream at is in trouble. My husband gets so upset not knowing what to do to help me. But how can I tell him when I dont know myself. Sometimes all I want for him to do is just hold me till it passes, but dont ever tell him that. I dont know why i never tell him i just dont. I hate being like this and i am trying to deal with the fact that this is me and thats all I can be.
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2 Responses May 14, 2007

You need to tell him to just hold you. I am not bipolar, but I am married to one with every symptom there is. I am here seeking some insight from people who have the illness. It is hard on the spouse too, and any insight you can give to him will help him. My husband told me to just hold him when he gets "like that" and I do. He even may resist, but we are both better for my arms encircling him and loving him. Sometimes he will even cry. I feel it brings us closer since before he told me that I would would back away when all he really needed was the opposite. Remember it is a guessing game for us. Any personal insight you can give to him will only bring you closer. He will probably never understand, but he can learn to understand what will halp you feel better.<br />
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Tell him to hold you... you will be glad you did.

i tried for a long time to deal with what i now call my condition (i like the word better than illness or disorder). its totally worth it to seek treatment. i avoided it for 7 years. after a change of attitude toward life in general and accepting that my life will be better for me and for those around me i stayed with my treatment. i used to be anti-pharmaceuticals and anti-therapy, and while there are negative points of view towards them, they don't outweigh the positive. i don't know when you left your message or what you've done after you wrote it, but i hope you've sought help. your life can be so happy :) take care