MY Bipolar Links...

As I mentionned in the first topic of the group discussion, I created two sites regarding Bipolar, I have no hidden agenda and don't plan on charging anything!!!

It's purely for fun and to see if people would actually give a damn and check it out!

Here they are:


LITTLE SCRIBBLE'S TREE HOUSE NOTEBOOK A Completely Honest Scrapbook of Notes and Entries   *********** Also check out my MSN Group... *********** and finally:   The BIPOLAR AND FINE WITH IT! Handbook


LittleScribbles LittleScribbles
3 Responses Jul 13, 2008

Hi<br />
We have new articles daily and links to all of our bipolar disorder websites. <br />
Thanks for posting us for others to find.<br />
We have 10 new books on bipolar disorder listed there. <br /><br />
Dr. Bunch

I haven't updated either in a long time, I kind of abandonned them, you know how it goes, sometimes you mean to build on something but you don't... but what is there is still not bad, I just checked it. But I can't remember my account log in for my Windows Live Space... Anyhow! Thanks for your comment, it's nice to know someone reads my stuff!

hi i will take alook this bipolar so it will be interesting