No More Meds

I don't know if this site really works for anything, but I REALLY need some support in this whole bipolar thing. I was heavily medicated for a long time until I couldn't calm down one day and took all of my medicine at once. I wasn't trying to die, I was just trying to get things to stop... I feel so alone in this illness... now I'm off all the medications and sometimes I feel okay but I just don't know.

22-25, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Hi! I am slowly taking myself off my meds again. I am bipolar and love the highs and I am hopeful I can control the lows. I used to be super dangerous to myself on both the highs and lows, but I am hoping that I finally have some sort of understanding of my cycles, so I am going to try it again. I refused to take lithium so I was put on prozac 40 - 60mgs and ativan. I exercise, do light therapy, control my diet. I was diagnosed at 18 so I have been trying to understand and master my disorder for 25 years. As I have gotten older, through my attempts at different times, I have been able to recognise the physical feelings when things are changing, I have also put all my safety nets (family/friends) into place, practising my coping skills (while on meds). As I have gotten older the swings are slower (I am a rapid cycler) which is a blessing. So, I am with you. I just want to see others trying to control this mental disorder without meds, but I believe the support is necessary. The only way to do this is by staying strong, staying aware, staying realistic...sometimes we need help, remember to reach out before you become lost in the noise! Oh ya, I have 3 daughters, one diagnosed bi-polar, 1 diagnosed major depressive order and the other one is 3, this is something I never wished upon them but now I need to lead.